Solidarity gestation

A booming practice that requires an urgent law in Argentina

In Argentina, there is a legal vacuum for which surrogacy is legal, although it needs a regulation. What is it and how is it implemented

Every day more families resort to solidarity gestation to be able to achieve the dream of having a child thanks to advances in science. Many times due to health problems, difficulties in obtaining it or simply by choice, single mothers or fathers, LGBTIQ+ couples, people who have been together for several years, celebrities, known and unknown, decided to have children and come to this practice

Now, in technical terms, gestation by substitution or gestation with a surrogacy in Argentina exists and has been legal for several years. From the legal point of view, the modality that determines that it is solidary refers to whether there is an onerous contract between the principals, who would be the intended parents, people who want to have a child through this technique, and the surrogate mother, who puts the body, womb and uterus for that embryo to nest and to be able to give birth to a baby

The word solidarity gestation is a bit of a legal construction to refer to a surrogacy where there is no pecuniary interest or formal commercial intermediation, since the surrogate mother performs the practice altruistically to help the person or couple who wants to be a mother. /father and there is no commercial contract. Now, what is prohibited, according to current Argentine law, is surrogacy, where there is an exchange of money between the intending parents and the surrogate mothers, because it affects the regulations of the Civil and Commercial Code, dignity and that there is no abuse of a socioeconomic position of one person over another

A story of supportive womb and love 1,050 kilometers away

This story begins when Monica meets Damián and Facundo, on the Internet and in a Facebook group. They had posted a message looking for a woman who can help them fulfill the dream of being parents, I sent them a message without getting a response. I saw his phone number published on his profile and I dared to contact me, afraid of the answer, to which he responded immediately and then we started talking, he told me about his life, his family and me too, the link was immediate, the universe brought us together right at that moment

Both Damián and Facundo were looking to be parents at that precise moment and Mónica came into their lives. Many medical studies involved, she went through the whole process to be able to be the one to carry Gaspar in her womb. She is currently undergoing a normal pregnancy, without complications; the bond with Damián and Facundo is stronger than ever and even in January they went on vacation they met the whole family and from that moment it was no longer just the dream of the two of them, since behind their dreams there is a whole huge family that also they dreamed of Gaspi

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