Solidarity gestation

What happens in the city of Buenos Aires

In Argentina, surrogacy is legal, and in recent years it has made significant progress, although a definitive law to regulate it is still lacking. What is it about and how is it implemented in the city of Buenos Aires

Every day more families resort to solidarity gestation to be able to achieve the dream of having a child thanks to advances in science. Many times due to health problems, difficulties in obtaining it or simply by choice, single mothers or fathers, LGBTIQ+ couples, people who have been together for several years, celebrities, known and unknown, decided to have children and come to this practice

Since 2018, an internal rule of the Buenos Aires civil registry has been operating in the City of Buenos Aires, provision No. 122/DGRC/20, which establishes that all minors born through surrogacy in the name of the intended parents be registered, that is, of the principals, in a preventive manner. This implies that the baby has to be born in a clinic or hospital in the city of Buenos Aires, this does not imply that the transfer of the embryo - medical practice itself of fertilizing that embryo and transferring it to the surrogate mother - has to have been carried out in CABA, but anywhere in the country or even abroad

There are many points left without legislating on a medical practice that is advancing, is on the rise and is technically possible in societies that are changing the family structure and offer the possibility of carrying out that life project

Solidarity gestation

The need for a legislative debate

The quintessential country that offered this was Ukraine and with the Russian invasion and subsequent war, all that demand turned and revolutionized this way of forming a family through this scientific technique and also the difficulty to adopt in Argentina in the local area

It should be noted that in solidarity gestation, the people involved in the pregnancy must today bear the costs of fertility coverage. They have to pay for the stimulation of the principal woman, if it is an equal male couple, access to the ovules and subsequent purchase in an egg bank -legal practice- and the transfer of the fertilized embryo to a donor, all out of pocket without help from the government or institution, so we need a parliamentary debate to speed up the administrative-judicial part and simplify the procedures so that the unborn child can do so in a legal framework and more people can access this type of treatment

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