Surrogacy gestation

three families united by the dream of fatherhood

Solidarity surrogacy is a door for many couples to fulfill the dream of being parents. The protagonists of this story are Mónica, her family, and the couple made up of Damián and Facundo who, in July, will become Gaspar's parents

The "gestation by substitution" or surrogacy of the womb is an assisted reproduction technique that allows a pregnant person to carry the pregnancy of another person. Monica's story can serve as a trigger for couples who are unable to gestate and wish to fulfill the dream of being fathers or mothers

Mónica Riveros is Paraguayan and has been married to Gabriel for 21 years. The couple lives in Buenos Aires with their 6 children, of which 4 are biological and 2 are in legal custody. From a very young age she had the desire to become a mother, that memory, together with her experience as the mother of a large family, made her begin to investigate surrogacy. At that time, she told her husband and they decided to tackle the project together

The topic aroused his curiosity and he joined a group of people who offer to fulfill the dreams of couples who are unable to have children. I thought it was a wonderful thing to fulfill someone's big dream. There are many men and women who, due to different illnesses or situations, cannot carry a pregnancy, there are same-sex marriages who want to be parents

A story of supportive womb and 3 families united by love

In the Facebook group I found Damián's message looking for a person who will help him and his partner become parents. Their message was very short and simple, the smile they both had caught my attention and I decided to contact them

Mónica's decision was consensual, both her children and her husband accompany the gestation process and are fundamental actors in this stage that has them as protagonists along with Damián and Facundo, the parents of the baby that grows in the woman's belly, who forged a strong bond with the family

Choosing two people of the same gender was a very personal decision and it fills my soul with pride. One of my brothers is gay and he is one of the people I love most in the world, he is a being of light who always fought to be himself. In silence I always tried to protect him since I come from a very macho culture, they have every right to be happy and have a family

Monica is aware of what it means to be a pregnant woman and stresses that the process would not be possible without psychological support from professionals and the love of the environment. "The affection is present at all times, you know that this baby is not yours and that you are only taking care of it for as long as it takes to reach the world healthy and strong. Dami and Facu are its parents and will be present at the moment of its birth, in that moment ends my mission but the link will remain forever

We are 3 families in this dream where I lend the body but we are a whole team

It is a pity that this topic is unknown in Argentina since it has been done for more than 20 years and the costs are much lower than in other countries. I would like to pass on my experience so that it reaches more people and perhaps with that many dreams will come true

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