Surrogacy in the USA

Legislation on Surrogate Motherhood

Regulatory Laws

The United States is a pioneer in carrying out these processes. It's the traditional best-known country, because it allows any family model. Many celebrities have chosen this country to carry out their surrogacy process. They have different legislation for each state, you should know that in some it's allowed and in others it's prohibited

Surrogacy Friendly States

Among the 13 states in which it is allowed, California stands out as the most demanded destination. In Utah or Washington, surrogacy is altruistic, and commercial surrogacy is penalized. Others where it is prohibited and considered a criminal offense are Arizona, Michigan and New York

Gestation method in the USA

The gestation process is carried out with the genetic material provided by the intended parents or through a donor and can be both ovules and semen. The donor can be anonymous or chosen. Healthcare in the USA is private, so it is recommended to take out insurance that covers the medical expenses of the entire process to avoid surprises.

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As we do every year, hundreds of couples, or single people, come to us to perform this surrogacy treatment to make their life's dream come true: BECOME PARENTS


We take care of carrying out all the procedures for the surrogacy processes in the United States, until the judicial sentence is obtained in the name of the two intending parents


All kinds of people can carry out surrogacy processes in the United States, regardless of their marital status or sexual condition. (Married, common-law couples, single, single, same-sex couples)