?What is gestation by surrogacy
Surrogacy is a Human Assisted Reproduction Technique in which a woman, called the surrogate mother, offers her gestational capacity to another person, called intending parents, so that they can fulfill their dream of being parents

The gestation process is carried out through in-vitro fertilization or IVF's, in which the gametes from the male's semen and the ovules of the future mother. In the event that any of these members cannot contribute their gametes, they can resort to the donation of gametes, both from an egg or sperm donation in the country where they carry out the surrogacy process

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Surrogacy in Argentina

Legislation on Surrogate Motherhood

Civil Code of Argentina

Although there is no law that regulates surrogacy in Argentina, there are already many cases of families that have had offspring by this method, Article 242 of the Civil Code of Argentina establishes that the legal mother of a child will be the woman who bring it to the world for this reason, there must be an agreement established between the pregnant woman and the intended parents

Argentine Legislation

In order for the intended parents to be considered as legal parents of the newborn, an authorization must be requested from a Judge, where the surrogate mother must renounce the filial bond with that child. Then the Judge issues a judicial authorization where he orders the civil registry of the minor's jurisdiction to register his intentional parents. On the other hand, In the city of Buenos Aires Jurisdiction, an administrative measure was issued in 2017 whereby the children by substitution are registered in the name of the intended parents, who had provided a non forced consent of the surrogate mother signed in the medical Center

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We take care of carrying out the necessary arrangements to be able to carry out the process, it will be essential that both the surrogate mother and the future parents sign their consent, to then inform and request their approval to the courts of justice

Prior to the start of treatment and in order for a judge to approve this consent, a series of requirements must be met

The physical and psychological aptitude of both the intended parents and the surrogate mother and the accreditation of the inability to gestate

It must be confirmed that the surrogate mother has no genetic link with the baby so that the intended parents can obtain legal paternity

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The Surrogacy treatment is a complicated process that mixes the most advanced medicine, and the laws that regulate the rights and obligations of those involved, and for that reason we have a highly trained team with the experience to carry out all the necessary steps to ensure a successful process